Going green is becoming a very popular movement in various spheres of life and cleaning is no exception. More and more people choose green cleaning services in Paradise Valley. It’s cheaper, healthier, and the planet appreciates it. Not to mention it’s the best way to make your house shine without using toxic pollutants. Read on to learn more about the many perks you’ll unlock if you start using natural cleaning practices.

Why is green cleaning important?

You might have noticed that the air feels heavy when you use conventional cleaning products. This is because of all the chemicals that the cleaner contains. The majority of the products found in stores contain synthetic fragrances and petroleum derivatives. These ingredients are harmful to the planet because of the toxins they release when heated. Not only that, but they can be unhealthy for the skin. This is why it’s advisable to use them with rubber gloves on.

Green cleaning involves products that are made from 100% natural chemicals that you can even make yourself. The ingredients are widely available and some of them are edible, like lemon or baking soda. When these products become heated, nothing happens, because they are natural, so they have no reaction and therefore release no toxins.

What are the benefits of eco-friendly house cleaning?

With green products, there are numerous benefits:

1. Less irritation, allergies, and asthma

What are the benefits of eco-friendly house cleaningIf your skin is feeling itchy after using a new fabric softener or your eyes burn when cleaning your bathroom, it’s probably time to switch to green products. Commercial cleaners can cause skin irritation as well as asthma attacks in sensitive individuals. 

Plus, you can always tell if a product is made of synthetic or natural ingredients based on its weight. When your skin feels heavy after using it, it’s definitely synthetic. Take a chance with a greener version of your commonly used cleaners and you’ll notice the difference right away. 

2. Biodegradable and sustainable packaging

Since green cleaners are made from 100% natural ingredients, disposing of a bit of the product doesn’t pose a risk for the planet. It’s biodegradable, as well as its packaging, which is usually made of recycled paper or plastic.

When you responsibly dispose of the packaging by recycling it, since it’s sustainable, it can be used again. The planet will be grateful to you for reducing plastic waste.

3. Budget-friendly and reusable solution

Most of those high-end cleaners do a very good job removing dirt and grime, but they also remove a hefty amount of money from your pocket. And if your routine requires you to clean often, you’ll be spending more of your monthly budget on cleaners than on food.

When using green products, you’re saving money, because natural ingredients never cost too much. They are also designed to last longer than regular cleaners, so you’ll definitely notice a difference in your budget, regardless of how often you perform chores.

4. Faster cleaning and less clutter

Not only are they cheap, but some green cleaners are also multi-purpose. You don’t always need to buy a specific product for every type of surface. You’ll have fewer products in your caddy but they’ll do the same amount of work as conventional products. By using them and following some eco-friendly cleaning tips, you’ll make your house shine fast.

Who offers the best green cleaning services in Paradise Valley?

If your home in Paradise Valley needs a professional but eco-friendly clean, get in touch with Eco Mama Green House Cleaning. We specifically work with experts who know how to use green products and achieve a spotless home in a sustainable way. Contact us today and we’ll send someone to your doorstep to green clean your home while you go on a hike near Mummy Mountain.