The busiest room in every home is the kitchen. It should also be the tidiest since you’re making food there. However, not everyone has enough time or energy to keep it clean. If you’re one of them, you’ve probably considered giving a reputable maid service in Cave Creek, AZ, a call. This is the best way to get a spotless kitchen swiftly and thoroughly.

A lot of people spend hours cleaning the kitchen because they pay attention to every detail. And while that’s admirable, there are ways you can speed up the process without missing crucial areas. We’ve prepared a few tips to help you with this, so read on!

What is the fastest way to clean a kitchen?

It’s easy to overlook simple things around your cooking space, and these can have an impact on your health. Implement some of these four tips to make sure you cover everything the next time you take out your sponge and dish soap:

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1. Keep your supplies in one place

While you can’t store your cleaning products in the living room, most kitchens have enough space under the sink to store all the items you need. That being said, don’t mix your bathroom products with the kitchen ones, even if that means having two of the same bottles in different rooms.

Keeping everything in one place helps you switch from one task to another without wasting time searching for the right product. If you don’t have enough space under the sink, invest in a rolling cart and keep everything there. You can hide it away in the basement or the broom closet with other supplies.

2. Pre-soak your dishes

Nobody likes doing the dishes right after they eat. If you leave the dishes for too long, they can get crusty and make them more difficult to wash later. Instead, fill your sink with hot water and dish soap and put your dishes in there. When you’re ready to wash them, it’ll be much easier because the food will loosen up.

3. Wipe the surfaces, appliances, and sink

While deep cleaning the kitchen is recommended once every few months, during the regular, weekly cleanup, you can focus on the areas you use frequently. After doing the dishes, take a few minutes to scrub the sink and wipe the countertops. Then move on to the stovetop, fridge, and microwave. Wipe only the exterior, as you can tackle the interior when you deep clean.

4. Mop the floors once you’re done

A lot of people make the same mistake of vacuuming and mopping the floors when they’re not even close to finishing up. This results in them having to do it again, doubling the time it takes to clean. Just like with the bathroom, focus on the surfaces, appliances, and wall tiles. Once you mop the floor, leave the room for a few minutes until it dries.

Where can I find a reliable maid service in Cave Creek

Where can I find a reliable maid service in Cave Creek, AZ?

While there are ways to make cleaning the kitchen faster and easier, it still takes some elbow grease to do it properly. And when you just can’t make yourself do it, you can always reach out to Eco Mama Green House Cleaning! The maids we work with have the right set of skills to make any kitchen in Cave Creek sparkle in no time.

Equipped with eco-friendly and sustainable products, they will ensure that your cooking space is healthy and ready for your next recipe. Instead of scrubbing and washing, take a relaxing day off and visit the Cave Creek Museum with your loved ones. Contact us today!