Doing housework on a tight schedule can be a nightmare. When you’re in a time crunch, every minute matters. And when it comes to housework, there’s always something left to do. Luckily, reliable maid services in Arcadia, AZ can help make your house shine in no time, especially if you have guests dropping by or want to impress prospective buyers. 

Professionals can help you keep your home consistently hygienic, but it’s also useful to have a few tricks up your sleeve just in case you have to do a few chores on your own. Read on for a list of top 6 tips that make housework faster and less tiring for you.

What is the fastest way to clean a house?

If your energy is down, you might find yourself unmotivated to clean. But you don’t need motivation with these simple hacks:

1. Keep your supplies in a mobile container

This can be a basket, a caddy, or a rolling cart. Whatever works for you, gather your products and bring them to every room you tackle. By having everything in one place, you save yourself the trouble of running back and forth looking for a sponge or a multi-purpose product. Make sure to wipe down your storage container every once in a while, in case anything spills.

2. Go from top to bottom

Because of gravity, dust flies down, and if you mop the floors before you wipe down the ceiling fixtures, you’ll find yourself having to mop again. This is one of the most common cleaning mistakes and it makes housework very time-consuming. To save time, start with bookshelf tops, curtain rods, and ceiling lights and work your way down. Finish with vacuuming and mopping.

3. Pre-soak anything in need of scrubbing

Instead of wasting your energy endlessly scrubbing your pans and bowls, soak them in a mixture of warm water and dish soap and leave them there for about 30 minutes. The moisture softens the grime and makes it easier to remove. This cleaning hack can be applied to almost anything in the house, including clothes, ovens, and toilet bowls.

4. Handle a task every day

The best way to handle upkeep is to take care of it on a daily basis in small ways. This includes making your bed as soon as you wake up, wiping down the surfaces in the kitchen, and sweeping the floors every evening. Just by doing these three things, your house will need less work when the cleaning day comes.

5. Fire up the appliances before you start

If you have laundry and dishes to do on top of your housework, load the appliances and start the programs before you begin wiping and dusting. Why should they sit idle while you’re doing all the work? You’ll be surprised by the difference it makes because, by the time you finish doing housework, the appliances will complete their loads. Then all you need to do is unload and sort.

6. Declutter before you clean

One of the reasons your routine takes too much time could be that you have too many things to go through. Pick a day when you have free time and sort out all your belongings, see if there’s anything you can donate or gift, and surely you’ll find a lot of stuff you can discard. Having fewer things means less work for you. You can keep the essentials, cherished mementos, and some décor pieces.

Where can I find the best maid services in Arcadia, AZ?

Where can I find the best maid services in Arcadia, AZThe ultimate secret to having a dirt-free house in no time is contacting Eco Mama Green Cleaning. We’ll put you in touch with trained and screened maids who efficiently perform different types of housework. These experienced specialists are ready to help you solve all of your maintenance problems. 

The experts we work with use EPA-approved supplies and know exactly how to tidy fast and effectively. Instead of wasting time scrubbing and dusting, have a relaxing day off at the Phoenix Civic Space Park with your loved ones. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today!