Windows are one of the things that are often overlooked when it comes to house maintenance tasks. It takes more time for them to get noticeably dirty, so most people don’t really see the need to clean them all the time.

However, dust, moisture, grease, fingerprints, and such all end up on windows too. Dirty windows can prevent enough natural light from entering the room and can make the whole room look dull. Keep reading for advice on how to handle this part of your Glendale house cleaning routine skillfully.

What is the best way to clean glass windows?

If you check the space where you conveniently store your cleaning products and supplies, you’ll see that you likely already have everything you’ll need for this task. The same kind of tools you use to scrub your kitchen, wipe down furniture and keep your floors squeaky clean will come in handy when you decide to clean your windows. Follow these tips in order for the best, professional-like results:What is the best Glendale house cleaning service

Remove dust and debris

Before you wash the windows, you’ll first want to remove any dust and debris from the glass and the window frames. That’ll prevent those particles from sticking when you start with the washing and make your job much easier.

Thoroughly wash

There are specific window scrubbers you can buy, but any soft sponge or a lint-free towel will also do the trick. The latter are also versatile cleaning tools that every house should have so you likely already have them somewhere in your home.

As for the cleaning agent, a lot of people find that homemade ones work just as well, if not even better – than the store-bought ones. The most popular and effective ones are:

  • A solution made from a spoonful of dish soap and five cups of water
  • A mixture of white vinegar and water in equal amounts

In case your windows look really grimy, you can use both. Dish soap solution will remove stains, and a vinegar solution will help with the suds that might remain and get rid of other stains.

For persistent stains, go over the area several times and try to stay patient. Never press too hard as glass can break. No matter how tempting, stay away from harsh abrasive sponges or tools. These can irreparably damage the glass.

Wipe them to finish

A squeegee is a handy tool designed specifically for cleaning glass surfaces. The rubber end removes all residue and liquid from windows. If you have one at hand, use it now. Start from the top and move down. After every motion, wipe the rubber end with a clean and dry lint-free cloth.

If you don’t have a squeegee, rinsing the glass with a damp but clean microfiber cloth will do. Don’t forget to finish by polishing the glass with a dry cloth either way, as leaving the liquid to dry on the surface could stain it.

How do you clean dirty window screens?

Due to their shape, window screens can catch quite a lot of dust and dirt. Fortunately, they are quite easy to clean. Since there’s no need to worry about stains and streaks like with window glass, the process can be even easier than cleaning the windows themselves.

If your screens are removable, it’s advised that you detach them before cleaning. That way you can carry each screen to your bathroom or the backyard to make the process easier. For washing, you can use dish soap and a sponge, just try not to press too hard so as not to damage them. In this case, you can use running water from your shower or a garden hose to rinse them off.

If you have non-removable screens, start by dusting or vacuuming any loose dirt. To wash them, use the same mixture you used for your windows. Non-diluted dish soap would create too much suds which’ll be hard to get rid of afterward, so it’s not advised. After washing, wipe them with a damp cloth, and then a dry one to remove as much moisture as you can. Sun and air will dry out the rest.How do you clean dirty window screens

What is the best Glendale house cleaning service?

Sometimes, doing even one household chore after a busy day can seem as hard as running around the State Farm Stadium ten times over. We understand – you are not alone in this feeling. Luckily, there are always professionals you can turn to for help.

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