If you try to research housekeeping tips, you’ll soon see that there are so many of them it’s impossible to filter which ones to follow. Quite often, they even contradict one another. 

In Surprise, AZ you can rely on an eco friendly cleaning service to give you pro advice and even clean your residence. However, knowing how to tackle the task on your own is also important. Read on and learn some of the most common dos and don’ts of house cleaning to help you out.

What are the dos and don’ts of cleaning?

You should keep these things in mind when handling your regular household chores:

The dos

  • Set a realistic schedule you can follow – Consider your work schedule and other errands, and before you start – make a schedule you think you’ll be able to follow. It doesn’t have to be strict, and you can be as detailed as you want, but it’s recommended you make one.Surprise eco friendly cleaning service
  • Get the supplies ready way in advance – Try to assess what supplies you’ll need for the job before you start, and make sure you check whether you already have them. Planning to perform a specific task and then finding out you don’t have the right supplies will lengthen the ordeal, causing unnecessary stress.
  • Include your kids and motivate your husband to join in on the cleaning – It might be tempting to try to do everything by yourself. But in this case, you should consider including the whole family. It’s going to be easier for you, and other family members will learn that housekeeping is a shared responsibility.
  • Prioritize health and safety – This means you should disinfect surfaces after removing dirt and dust. Additionally, you should be cautious during the session. Air the house frequently, always wear rubber gloves, and be careful and informed when it comes to chemicals you intend to use.

The don’ts

  • Treat every surface with the same agent – Even mild products are capable of causing some damage. Vinegar is an excellent agent, for example, non-toxic and gentle, but it’s still an acid that may affect some materials. Many kinds of wood flooring are one of the things vinegar can damage, especially if your floor has an oil finish.
  • Go without a plan – Allowing your attention to follow where it leads you may seem like a good way to make home maintenance more fun. However, that makes it difficult to keep track of what has been done and what has not been done yet. Plus, you might unintentionally put off all the harder tasks.
  • Use the strongest solutions – Always start your housework with mild, general-purpose, natural solutions – opt for stronger ones just in case the latter doesn’t work. Bleach is an effective cleaning agent with a long history, but it’s also very strong and can cause irritations, for example.
  • Mop the floors before you’ve finished everything else – All other upkeep tasks have a chance of dirtying the floors all over again. Dust falls on it, and so does dirt when you remove it from higher levels. Always clean top to bottom, and leave the floors for the last.Surprise eco friendly cleaning service

What is the best Surprise, AZ eco friendly cleaning service?

Eco Mama Green House Cleaning is a business with more than a decade of experience in helping people with their home maintenance tasks. Feel free to spend a fun day with your family at Surprise’s Heritage Park and leave the cleaning to the pros.

Not only can we guarantee that we’ll treat your house with utmost care and attention to detail, but we also ensure our maids bring their own products which we carefully select with health, safety, and ecology in mind.