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For over ten years, Eco Mama has been the favored provider of move-in and move-out cleaning services in Phoenix and the region. Our team consists of skilled and experienced professionals who take home maintenance seriously. We are committed to living an environmentally friendly lifestyle and apply this philosophy to our work by using only natural, green products. Schedule a dependable and eco-conscious service with us today!

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What makes our move-in/out cleaning services so reliable?

Our team of experts has helped us become a dependable, highly-regarded, and award-winning service provider. When you entrust your housekeeping needs to us, you can expect:

  • bullet point  A crew of trained and experienced experts to handle your property.
  • bullet point  The assurance that every maid on our team is licensed and insured.
  • bullet point  English-speaking staff for clear and effective communication.
  • bullet point  The use of locally sourced, natural, and safe supplies for every job.
  • bullet point  A company that values positive feedback and high ratings from our previous clients.

We’ll help you ensure a hassle-free relocation

Moving to a new place can be an exciting but stressful experience, and sprucing up both your old and new houses may be the most overwhelming part. That’s why, when they schedule a move-in/out cleaning with us, residents in Phoenix can count on us to:


  • bullet point  Ensure their old residence is in top condition for the next occupants
  • bullet point  Help them get their security deposit back by leaving the property spotless
  • bullet point  Thoroughly scrub their new home, giving them a chance for a fresh start
  • bullet point  Give priority to the health of their loved ones, including kids and pets, and the environment by utilizing only eco-friendly products
Satisfaction 100% Guarantee

Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate objective

At our core, we prioritize customer feedback and satisfaction above all else. Our team is dedicated to enhancing your quality of life by providing eco-friendly standard house, deep, and move-in/out cleaning services in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. We place great importance on your happiness, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our services, simply contact us within 24 hours and we will send a maid to redo the problematic areas at no additional cost.

Here’s what our previous customers have to say

We had just moved in to our house only two weeks prior to the cleaning but the level of dust that had built up over that short period of time was astonishing ! I was worried then when Nicole alone showed up as a one-man team because I really thought it was going to be too much for one person. But she was so sweet, she assured us that she would put our place in tip top shape in no time! We left her at home to do her thing and returned to a sparkling clean home! I can’t say enough about how pleased I was with Nicole and with her work. I’m definitely a repeat customer

Corinne Philip

I loved the clean this company did! Tabby is so thorough with everything she does, including double checking while cleaning herself, the house looked great and love the fact it doesn’t smell of strong cleaning products. She is polite and very professional. Will recommend to anyone who asks about cleaning!
Case Payne

I’ve been using Eco Mama Green Clean for several months now. Best decision ever. With two full-time working parents, and two kids under 5 our house needed some TLC. My spouse also agrees – this has given us a peace of mind, given us more time to spend together on the weekend. We love the way the house smells when our team leaves. We have had the best experience with two teams in particular – Terri’s team and Lucia. Terri’s team works quickly together, and always does an amazing job. Lucia has a special eye for little details that I appreciate. I’m very pleased with this service – I do the bi-weekly service. It’s just the base cleaning that I need and we are able to keep up with the other cleaning on our own. THANK YOU!

Loren Masters

My sister surprised us with a deep cleaning service upon buying a new home. It was relieving to walk into a freshly clean home and not smell heavy toxic fragrances. The team was detailed and very professional. My neighbor saw their car out front and scheduled them to clean their own house after having trouble finding a reliable service, they have since thanked me many many times because they were so pleased, so cheers to Eco Mama for doing a great job and also helping me make a great impression in my new neighborhood.

Alex Smith

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What is move-in cleaning?
This term refers to the thorough cleaning of a new home or apartment before the next resident moves in. It’s typically more extensive than standard maintenance and may include wiping down baseboards, doors, and window frames, and scrubbing the inside and outside of all kitchen appliances, such as the oven and refrigerator. The goal is to ensure that the new living space is tidy, hygienic, fresh, and ready for occupancy.
Do you tip for a move-out clean?
Giving a tip to the maids is not obligatory, but it can be a way to express gratitude and acknowledge their hard work and good service. Showing appreciation through a tip is a great way to let the maids know that you are satisfied with the outcome of the cleaning service, and they will be happy to receive it as a gesture of your kindness.
Why is move-in cleaning important?
It is essential because it helps ensure a healthy and hygienic living environment for the new occupants. It removes dirt, dust, and allergens that may have accumulated from the previous ones and prepares the space for a fresh start. It can also help prevent the spread of germs and illnesses, and make your new home in Phoenix more comfortable and inviting.
How much cleaning should I do when moving out?
When relocating out of any property, whether it’s a rental or your own home, it’s important to leave it well-maintained and in good condition for the next occupants. It’s also a way to ensure the return of your security deposit. The amount of upkeep can vary based on specific requirements or expectations from the new occupants or the landlord. Either way, you’re advised to leave the property in the best possible condition.
Who is the top provider of move-in/out cleaning services near me in Phoenix & its surrounding areas?

Looking for a company to ease your relocation process by preparing your residence for occupancy or vacancy? Eco Mama could be the solution for you! Our award-winning team will come equipped with eco-friendly, safe products and provide top-quality service, whether you’re located near Pueblo Grande Museum or the Phoenix Zoo

If you, however, require move-in or move-out services within Scottsdale or nearby areas, or if you’re seeking an affordable and adaptable standard residential cleaning service within the Phoenix region, we can still help. To hire a cleaning service that values both spotlessness and environmental health, call us today!