Moving out of a house is an exciting but challenging process, and sprucing up the kitchen is often the most daunting task of them all. A fresh and tidy kitchen may be crucial to getting your security deposit back, but it can be time-consuming and exhausting to handle the task of cleaning it. 

If you’re short on time or energy, consider hiring a house cleaning service in Scottsdale to tackle the job. However, if you prefer to do it yourself, keep reading to learn how to clean your kitchen efficiently and effectively when moving cleaning service in scottsdale

How do you clean a kitchen when moving out?

If you’re preparing to leave your old residence and move into a new one, you’re probably already feeling overwhelmed with all the tasks that need to be accomplished. One of the most challenging ones may be performing an in-depth move-out cleaning of your bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, and common areas. 

The kitchen, in particular, is prone to collecting dirt and grime, making it an especially difficult area to thoroughly sanitize. To assist you with this task, we have compiled all the do’s and don’ts of move-out cleaning for your kitchen into one easy-to-follow but comprehensive move-out cleaning checklist.

Collect necessary equipment

Before you start, it is important to gather all the necessary supplies. You will likely need several cleaning agents such as an all-purpose solution, an oven cleaner, and a degreaser. When it comes to tools, sponges, scrubbers, and microfiber towels are a must. You may also need a broom, mop, and a vacuum to handle the floors later on.

Clear out cabinets and fridge

Empty out all the cabinets, drawers, and the fridge. Dispose of any expired food, and pack the rest of the food in boxes or coolers. Make sure you wipe the shelves, drawers, and walls of the fridge thoroughly.

Sanitize cabinet and drawers

Once you have emptied the cabinets and drawers, scrub them thoroughly using an all-purpose product. Wipe down the shelves, drawers, and cabinet doors, ensuring that you remove all traces of dirt, grime, and food stains. Don’t forget to sanitize the handles and knobs.

Disinfect the countertops and sink

The countertops and sink can accumulate a lot of dirt and grime. Use an all-purpose product or a degreaser for the countertops and sink, to ensure they’re thoroughly sanitized. Pay extra attention to any stains or marks on the surfaces.How do you clean a kitchen when moving out

Degrease the oven and stovetop

The oven and stovetop can be challenging to deal with, especially if they have baked-on food stains. You can use a specialized product for the oven and a degreaser for the stovetop. Make sure you follow the instructions on the labels to avoid damaging the appliances.

Hygienize the microwave and dishwasher

The microwave and dishwasher can be easily overlooked during the process. Take an appropriate product, and wipe or scrub the inside and outside of both these appliances. Pay attention to buttons and controls, and make sure you remove all food stains and debris.

Tidy up the floors

Finally, move onto the floors. Use a broom or a vacuum to get rid of all loose debris, dirt, and dust. Then, take a wet mop and mop the floors to tackle any stains or spills.

What is the most reputable house cleaning service in Scottsdale?

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