With the quick advancement of chemical technologies came many different cleaning product options we have today. Any eco-friendly cleaning service in Surprise, AZ will advise you against using harsh chemicals, for the sake of your and the health of the planet.

But with so many options available today, the possibilities are endless – even if you decide to stick to milder or natural products. Read on to learn more about what you’re actually using for home maintenance and how we got there. 

How did people clean before chemicals?

In the days before commercial products with catchy names, people usually used chemicals and supplies that were proven to work to get rid of dirt and disinfect surfaces in their homes. Women, often the only home maintenance workforce around, passed down the dos and don’ts of house cleaning from generation to generation.When was the first cleaning product invented

Before any chemicals, natural agents were used for the same purpose. They were pretty effective in removing filth from surfaces, but the disinfecting part wasn’t covered or considered that important. So, what exactly was used for regular home upkeep before commercial supplies came out?


Before anything else, water played a significant role in home maintenance. There’s nothing wrong with using water as a cleaning agent since it dissolves dirt and grime on its own. As a matter of fact, it was the only cleaning agent available at the time. The proximity of the source of water dictated human life in every way possible.

Cleaning tools

Mechanical removal of unwanted filth was another way to keep your body and the space around you tidy. Brooms, mops, and scrapers existed before cleaning chemicals and were largely used for this purpose in all areas of the world. 

Natural agents

As mechanical methods to remove dirt were difficult or impossible, people used what they had on hand. While discovering the effectiveness of these agents was likely due to desperation rather than a desire to make household chores more fun, it was sure to help in times when chemicals weren’t around. Here are a few examples:

  • Wood ashes – abrasive and very alkaline
  • Oils and fats – can dissolve many kinds of dirt
  • Sand – abrasive and chemically non-reactive

When was the first cleaning product invented?

It’s not easy to point to the exact moment in time when cleaning products were invented. Soap is considered to be the first cleaning product ever. However, due to how easy it is to make, soap is hard to trace back to its original inventor. It’s even doubtful there ever was one. So, what is the breaking point in the modern history of cleaning?

Discovery of bacteria

The bacteria was discovered in the seventeenth century. Not long after that, it was discovered that they were responsible for widespread diseases. The germ theory of disease became widely known, and people learned that cleanliness goes beyond appearance. 

Once the source of the problem was located, finding a solution was much easier. Chemical technologies have only developed since then, with agents focusing on disinfection as well as dirt removal.

The general approach to home maintenance completely transformed, also on a social level. It became a common practice. Husbands are more motivated to help with cleaning, so the tasks don’t fall strictly on women anymore. But the greatest change was the advancement that resulted from scientific discoveries.What is a reliable and eco-friendly cleaning service in Surprise

What is a reliable and eco-friendly cleaning service in Surprise, AZ?

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