The bathroom is the dirtiest room in every home. As such, it requires more attention and time to keep it hygienic and sanitized. With the help of cleaning services in Cave Creek, AZ, you can make your bathroom shine in just a couple of minutes.

However, if you’d like to tackle the task on your own, here’s a list of 5 simple steps for a spotless bathroom. Let’s dive right in!

How do professionals clean the bathroom?

Housework experts are primarily characterized by their experience and their tools. Here’s how they typically deal with a messy bathroom:

1. Apply toilet cleaner inside & around the toilet

You must start here, as every solution requires a bit of time to sit in order to effectively disinfect the bowl. If you scrub the toilet immediately after applying the product, you’ll need more time to get all the grime out.

2. Start from the top and work your way down

Just like when you’re giving your kitchen a good scrub, you’ll notice dust collects in lower areas of the room. When it comes to your bathroom, it is a good idea to clean the ceiling fixtures, mirrors, and shower doors first. Work your way to the floor and mop it after vacuuming.

3. Get a lot of sponges and cloths

Aside from sanitary reasons, using multiple cloths will save you time from washing them between the surfaces. Pick a sponge for every item in your bathroom and use it only for that purpose. Don’t forget to wash them separately as well, as you shouldn’t use the same cloth for wiping the mirror in your bathroom and dusting the bookshelf in your living room.

4. Use a shower head to wash the wall tiles

A lot of people waste time and energy wiping the wall tiles in their bathrooms. To avoid making the same mistake, use a mop to apply the cleaning solution and wash it off with the help of your shower. Pay attention to the electrical sockets and cables, as they must remain dry.

5. Follow a logical order: shower, toilet & sink

This is the order in which you should clean your bathroom. Once you’re done with the upper parts, wash your shower stall. Then you can scrub a toilet bowl, disinfect and wipe the area around it. In the end, it’s always the sink since it’s used for washing the sponges between the steps. 

How often should bathrooms be cleaned?

While regular home maintenance is often enough, bathrooms require more attention. The kitchen and bathroom are more susceptible to bacteria, so cleaning these areas a few times a week is recommended to keep them properly sanitized.

Even if you live alone, you shouldn’t underestimate the amount of grime that builds up in the bathroom every day. Mold and mildew thrive in bathrooms, just like your basement. Take extra measures to keep your bathroom steamy and moist as short as possible to prevent mold.

How often should bathrooms be cleaned

Where can I find professional cleaning services in Cave Creek, AZ?

All of these steps may seem easy to follow. However, if you do them every other day, they will tire you out. Why don’t you give a call to Eco Mama Green House Cleaning instead and save some time and energy? You can even learn a few tricks from watching the professionals handle these household chores for you.

The specialists we work with provide services throughout Cave Creek and surrounding areas. Have a relaxing day off and visit the Cave Creek Museum with your family and loved ones and leave the cleaning to us. Get in touch with us today and book the service you need!