How-to-Motivate-Your-Husband-to-Help-With-CleaningIn partnership, especially in marriage, everything should be divided equally, and the work each person puts in is no exception. In a shared home, the burden of cleaning the house shouldn’t always fall on one person.

Even if a Surprise, AZ, maid service helps you with cleaning, there are still daily chores to be done. If those have usually been something only you do, you’re likely asking yourself – how do I motivate my husband to help? The following article offers some advice.

How do you get your husband to help you clean

Historically, housekeeping was something that often fell on the backs of women. In the times when men were largely expected to provide, it was considered natural that women handle the house and the children.

Things are different today – men and women often work the same hours on their day jobs. It’s only fair then that house maintenance tasks are also divided. So, how do you motivate your husband to pick up his part of the home cleaning chores?

Communicate openly

No matter the issue, open communication about it with your partner can save you a lot of trouble. It applies here as well. There is a big chance your husband isn’t unwilling to help, but that he has a different perspective on it.

In many cases, everything from the dos and don’ts of house cleaning to the history of cleaning products gets passed on in families from one woman to another. Something that seems basic and intuitive to you could be unfamiliar to him. Clearly state your expectations and be patient. You’d be surprised how happy people are to accept change when approached kindly.

Divide the work

Every person is different, and has different views, skills, and inclinations. This applies to your partner as well. While it’s true that cleaning your home isn’t particularly fun, there is likely a difference in how taxing a specific task is to you vs to your husband. Not every single chore has to be divided exactly in half.

Talk through all the things that need to be done around the house, and decide who prefers to do what. If you hate a certain task and he finds it okay, see that it’s officially his chore in most cases, and vice versa. If there are things you can’t compromise about this way, create a schedule and take turns.

Positive reinforcement

You may think it’s not really fair that you even have this issue of having to ask your husband for help. Or you might feel disappointed, annoyed or even angry. But think – when have frustration or anger someone unleashes on you ever made you motivated to do anything?

The cycle has to break somewhere. Patience and showing love, compassion, and understanding are true motivators, and you’ll get it back in return. With tiresome household chores, make a habit of lifting each other up and turning cleaning into a fun couple or family activity. In time, you won’t have to ask for help because it’ll go without saying.

How-do-you-get-your-husband-to-help-you-cleanWhat’s the best Surprise, AZ Maid Service to ask for help?

Household chores should be divided between spouses or family members. However, it’s natural that both you and your husband would rather spend that time barbecuing with friends at Veramonte Park than invest hours or days into cleaning.

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