It’s not easy to always be on top of clutter, especially in the living room. And when it gets out of hand, many people in Cave Creek, AZ, have maid service on speed dial. This helps them focus on other things while keeping the living room neat and spotless.

While hiring someone to tackle the mess is always the best solution, there are a few things you can do to keep it contained and in control. We’ve prepared a step-by-step guide to help you along the way, so read on!

How do you keep your living room neat and clean?

Just like the kitchen, you spend time in the living room every day, so it’s completely normal if it gets messy. If you become overwhelmed by the state of it, you can be reluctant to even start cleaning. Luckily, this guide will show you how to keep it tidy and do it right:

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1. Pick up a basket before you start cleaning

This is the best trick for keeping every room organized. Before you even begin cleaning, scan the living room for anything that doesn’t belong there, like cups, books, or clothes. Place everything in the basket and sort it once you’re done with the cleanup.

2. Declutter at the beginning of each season

The reason you have trouble keeping your living room clean can be too much clutter. If your shelves and drawers are filled with items that no longer serve you any purpose, you can discard them. Most of the clutter accumulates during the holidays because you receive gifts, so it’s only natural to declutter every season.

You can do the same thing in your basement or the attic since most people store their decorations there, along with the items they no longer use so often. Having fewer items in your living rooms means fewer things to clean.

3. Assign a place for each item

Whatever you choose to keep after decluttering should have its designated place. Once you’re done using it, you can always put it back, keeping the living room tidy. This way, you’ll be faster when you clean, as you’ll already know where everything belongs.

4. Never leave a room empty-handed

Make it a habit to always scan the living room before you exit. In case there are items that don’t belong there, you can take them with you. Most of the time there’s something to bring along, like trash or a glass. Not only will the room be tidier, but you’ll feel more organized and on top of things.

5. Keep a multi-surface cleaner handy

When you’re expecting guests or want to make your coffee table shine, having a multi-purpose spray on hand makes it easier to perform a quick cleanup. You can store it in a drawer or a cabinet in order to save time looking for it. Pick one of the EPA-approved cleaning products as it’s the safest choice for you and your family.

6. Use your vertical space

A lot of people forget to make the best use of their walls, especially in the living room. Installing a few bookshelves helps keep the mess off the floor. This can also be a good way to decorate by choosing the design that you prefer while keeping them functional. You can also try this in the bathroom, as you’ll be able to store more products and towels on the shelves.

Do you live in Cave Creek, AZ, and are looking for maid service

Do you live in Cave Creek, AZ, and are looking for maid service?

While taking all these steps is necessary for keeping your living room nice and organized, you can skip all of them and get better results by contacting Eco Mama Green House Cleaning! We work with maids in Cave Creek that have all the skills and tools to keep the mess contained. So take a relaxing day off and go hiking near the Black Mountain with your loved ones. Contact us today!