With society becoming more aware of the negative impact it has on the planet, many industries are developing a greener way to do things, and cleaning is no exception. Scientists are creating new eco-friendly products, and green house cleaning services are being established worldwide, including Paradise Valley. This helps keep the house clean and the planet healthy.

For those of you who’d like to implement a few greener cleaning habits, we’ve compiled a list of tips that can help you clean your home in a more sustainable way. By doing this, you’ll reduce waste and prevent toxic chemicals from entering your home.

How do I green-clean my home?

One of the principles of greener living is to reduce, reuse and recycle. And your house probably has plenty of things that are reusable. By reducing the number of things you keep, you can purchase more things that you can later reuse. Green cleaning is important not only for the planet but also for your own health because it’s always better to use natural cleaners.

1. Reuse your old toothbrushes

Did you know that you don’t have to buy a separate brush for cleaning your shoes? Instead, you can just use your old toothbrush! Since you won’t use it for teeth anymore, why throw it away when you can clean other things with it? They’re great for scrubbing those hard-to-reach places, so you can also use one in your bathroom or kitchen.

2. Use a multi-purpose cleaner whenever you can

Multi-purpose cleaners are perfect because they are pH-neutral and are friendly towards most of the materials. They’re also suitable for homes with seniors or children, as they don’t contain any toxic chemicals. However, this doesn’t reduce their power when it comes to cleaning. Try and use them wherever possible, and your wallet will be thankful!

3. Utilize the baking soda

Perfect for baking, great for whitening, and ruthless for scrubbing. This substance works wonders in many areas of life, and since it’s edible, it can do no harm to any surface. So, instead of reaching for bleach every time you run into a yellow spot, try putting some baking soda and a bit of hydrogen peroxide on it and watch the wonders of non-toxic whitening!

4. Stop buying air fresheners

Sometimes, all you need to do when the air in your home feels stale is to just open a window. Buying air fresheners damages the Ozone layer as they’re full of toxic chemicals. Instead, have a pot of flowers in the main room and a few plants around the house. Green buddies are amazing at freshening up the air, and they can even repel the insects!

5. Buy microfiber cloths instead of kitchen towels

While it’s good to just wipe your hands and toss away the paper, it’s even better when you can wash it. That’s why you should invest in quality kitchen rags for when your hands are wet. When you’re cleaning, use a microfiber cloth. It does a better job in picking up all the dust and it doesn’t shed like paper. Doing this can improve your cleaning routine immensely.

How do I green-clean my homeInterested in green house cleaning services in Paradise Valley?

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