Most of us take housekeeping for granted. It’s something we have to do every day, and it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, doing the same thing day in and day out without giving it much thought. 

If you are currently struggling to find motivation for house cleaning in Sun City, some interesting facts about the history of housekeeping might spark your interest and help you get motivated again. Keep reading to learn how cleaning got to where it is today!

How has cleaning evolved over the centuries?How has cleaning evolved over centuries

Have you ever stopped to think about how cleaning has evolved over the centuries? How did people scrub their homes clean before all the colorful bottles and weirdly specific tools we take for granted today even existed? 

Join us on a brief journey through time as we explore the evolution of housekeeping chores:

Ancient World

The first recorded instance of cleaning dates all the way back to ancient Egypt, around 4,000 BCE. At that time, people used straw and ashes to sweep and scrub floors. In fact, many of the early methods for living space maintenance were focused on floors, which makes sense when you consider that most people lived in homes with dirt floors and even slept on these floors.

In addition to using straw and ashes, people also used sand and even broken pottery shards for their floors. Not exactly what we would consider gentle by today’s standards!

Middle Ages

All the methods remained largely unchanged during the Middle Ages. One notable exception is that people began using rugs and carpets during this time period. Rugs and carpets helped absorb some of the dirt and grime tracked into homes.

This made it much easier to keep floors from getting dirty. However, people now had to find new ways to freshen up their rugs and carpets, which they did by beating them with sticks or rolling them up and taking them outside to air out.

Industrial Revolution

The next big shift came during the Industrial Revolution in the late 18th century. This is when soapmakers began mass-producing soap for the first time, making it more affordable for everyone. The introduction of soap made it possible for people to start washing their clothes and linens more frequently, which helped keep homes more hygienic overall. 

In addition, new inventions like the vacuum cleaner and the washing machine made it easier to keep up with the increased demand for cleanliness. However, it wasn’t until after World War II that these inventions really became common household items.

TodayWho can I ask for help with house cleaning in Sun City

These days, we are lucky enough to have access to a wide variety of tools and products that are specifically designed for different surfaces and materials. We also have much more sophisticated equipment like power washers and carpet cleaners. As a result, we clean our homes much more thoroughly than ever before. 

But – modern times bring modern problems, so distinguishing between handy and useless cleaning tools you need, or choosing the right cleaning service and learning how to avoid bad house cleaning companies are more of a problem today than the scarcity of resources like in previous times. But with research and experience, you can easily overcome these issues!

Who can I ask for help with house cleaning in Sun City?

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