There are a lot of things on your mind during a move. Aside from the legal part of the move, there are preparations you should make before you begin this new chapter of your life. Among those is, of course, cleaning. Making sure your new home is tidy and hygienic should be high on your priority list.

The easiest way to handle it is to book a professional move-in cleaning in Scottsdale, Arcadia, Peoria, or Paradise Valley, AZ. Trained specialists can perform this type of service promptly and efficiently while leaving you plenty of time to take care of other responsibilities. If you’d still like to do this important task yourself, read on to learn how to make your new house healthy and clean in no time. You’ll get to reap many benefits of a perfectly clean home.

What to clean before moving in?

A simple answer to this would be – everything, because you don’t know how clean it actually is. There is one tip that makes move-in cleaning much easier, and it is to clean when the house is empty. By doing it this way, you’ll have less stuff to move around and you’ll finish everything more quickly. The only thing you need for this activity is your cleaning equipment. Don’t forget to bring your disinfectants, as you’d want to sanitize the house as well.

Certain areas will likely need more attention than others:

The bathroom

It is definitely the dirtiest place in the house so it deserves to be the first one to get cleaned. Take out your sponges and microfiber cloths and begin by cleaning higher surfaces, like the ceiling light, the top of the cabinets, and such. Disinfect the toilet bowl and give the shower a good scrub. Then work your way down to the floor, to prevent the dust from flying everywhere.

One of the benefits of doing this first is that you’ll have a clean bathroom to use whenever you need it while you’re cleaning the rest of the house. You’ll probably have to use it because you can wash all your cloths there. It will feel amazing to know that you’re done with the dirtiest room of the house and can move on to easier areas.

The kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, the fridge should be your top priority. Since you’ll have to store food in it, it’s better to clean it first so it can reach its optimal temperature by the time you bring perishable food items into your new house. After the fridge, move on to other larger appliances, like the dishwasher and the stove.

Cleaning should be done in a top to bottom order, as well. However, leave the sink for last, as you’ll likely use it during the clean. The kitchen is the place where the toughest stains happen, so make sure to bring your degreaser along (make sure it’s an EPA-approved product).

The bedroom

One of the tips for when you’re moving out is to wash your bedding in advance and pack it in an easily reachable box. The reason for this is you’ll likely be tired from all the hassle when you finally move into your new home. Searching for your bed sheets is an unwelcome task at that point. Having it ready makes your life much easier for that day.

However, before you even move in, it would be smart to air out the room where you’ll be sleeping. This will freshen up the space and you’ll sleep like a baby. Dust from top to bottom, air out the mattress in the sun, and you’re ready for the move!


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