In general, cleaning can be a simple and quick task that people regularly do to keep their homes tidy and hygienic. However, even then, the house may get dirty after only a few hours. In Arcadia, people hire a house cleaning service to help them with it, as it’s an effortless and affordable way to have a clean home.

If you’ve ever wondered how some homes remain cleaner for longer and others get dirty very easily, the answer may be in the mistakes the homeowners are probably making. Cleaning isn’t really as straightforward as it’s cracked up to be and mistakes can happen. When you learn how to avoid them, you’ll be able to take care of your house the right way.

How do you clean your house correctly?

In order to properly clean, it’s important to recognize what you’re doing wrong and how you can fix it. We’ve created a list of top 4 cleaning mistakes and how you can prevent them from happening.

1. Not cleaning regularly

It’s normal for a house to become dirty when you don’t maintain it regularly. Certain areas require frequent attention and when they’re neglected, the whole house can seem dirty. It’s no wonder people may then feel unmotivated to clean.

Take some time in the evening to sweep the floors in high-traffic areas and wipe the surfaces in the kitchen. Also, you should clean and disinfect the toilet bowl with bleach every other day, to prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria. Developing this healthy habit helps keep the house more hygienic, and when it’s time for the regular clean, there’s less work to do!

2. Using too much cleaning product

Did you know that you probably need half the amount of fabric softener that you use? Even when washing the dishes, one drop of dish soap goes a long way. Too much product can leave a residue and it’s hard to wash off. By using less, you’ll clean faster with the same efficiency. Not to mention you’ll save money!

3. Using the same cloth for everything

Taking care of your products is equally as important as cleaning. If you use the same sponge for every part of the kitchen or the bathroom, some areas will be cleaner than others. Cloths become dirty easily, and when you use them on multiple surfaces, they just transfer the dirt from one place to another.

One of the best cleaning hacks is to have a different sponge or cloth for each type of cleaning product that you use, and switch to a new one as soon as it gets dirty. Wash your microfiber cloth regularly to remove all the filth as soon as you’re done wiping a surface. You’ll be quicker and your efforts more effective.

4. Overloading your appliances

Being exposed to too much information can overwhelm the mind and the same goes for appliances. When you overload your washing machine, you can’t expect it to perform as well. That’s why your laundry comes out smelly or semi-washed.

Make sure you don’t overload your dishwasher either, as it provides similar results. It’s better to turn them on two or three times and always get pristine clothes and dishes than to stuff everything inside in hopes you’ll get a good result in less time.

Where in Arcadia can I find a reliable house cleaning service

Where in Arcadia can I find a reliable house cleaning service?

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is not hiring a maid service when they know they need it. They stress over it while the help is just a phone call away. Here’s where Eco Mama Green House Cleaning comes in. We work with experts who are ready to tackle any kind of dirt, clutter, and mess, by using green and eco-friendly products. Take a day off and visit David and Gladys Wright House with your loved ones and leave the mess to us!