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Eco Mama Green House Cleaning has been the go-to provider of maid services in Phoenix and the surrounding areas for over a decade. With a focus on healthy living, we’ve established a reputation for ourselves, thanks to our locally produced natural goods and cleaning supplies. Our skilled professionals are carefully screened, insured, and licensed to guarantee your safety and peace of mind. Count on our recurring, deep, and move in/move out cleaning of your property. Get your free estimate (based on simple flat rate pricing) and schedule your environmentally-friendly home cleaning appointment via our easy online booking system today!

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Our team of award-winning pros perform house cleanings that rise above the rest. When you book our services, you can expect our maids in Phoenix to be:

  • bullet point  Highly trained and professional
  • bullet point  Vetted and background checked
  • bullet point  English-speaking
  • bullet point  Licensed and insured
  • bullet point  Highly rated by other clients
  • bullet point  Dedicated and hardworking
  • bullet point  Personal touch

Discover the #1 residential maid services Phoenix has to offer

We provide recurring weekly and bi-weekly housekeeping, so you don’t have to worry about time-consuming household duties anymore. Our professionals will:


  • bullet point  Rid your space of germs and other contaminants
  • bullet point  Give you back your free time to enjoy the things you love
  • bullet point  Enhance your home’s appearance
  • bullet point  Improve the quality of your life by performing one of the best maid services near you
Satisfaction 100% Guarantee


Here, at our company, we put emphasis on our clients and their happiness. Our objective is to improve our clients’ lifestyle by offering reliable and comprehensive eco-friendly home cleaning in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. It’s why we’ve established a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our work. If we overlook anything when performing a professional house cleaning service for you, please let us know within 24 hours, and our maids will come back for a re-clean, free of charge.


We had just moved in to our house only two weeks prior to the cleaning but the level of dust that had built up over that short period of time was astonishing ! I was worried then when Nicole alone showed up as a one-man team because I really thought it was going to be too much for one person. But she was so sweet, she assured us that she would put our place in tip top shape in no time! We left her at home to do her thing and returned to a sparkling clean home! I can’t say enough about how pleased I was with Nicole and with her work. I’m definitely a repeat customer

Corinne Philip

I loved the clean this company did! Tabby is so thorough with everything she does, including double checking while cleaning herself, the house looked great and love the fact it doesn’t smell of strong cleaning products. She is polite and very professional. Will recommend to anyone who asks about cleaning!
Case Payne

I’ve been using Eco Mama Green Clean for several months now. Best decision ever. With two full-time working parents, and two kids under 5 our house needed some TLC. My spouse also agrees – this has given us a peace of mind, given us more time to spend together on the weekend. We love the way the house smells when our team leaves. We have had the best experience with two teams in particular – Terri’s team and Lucia. Terri’s team works quickly together, and always does an amazing job. Lucia has a special eye for little details that I appreciate. I’m very pleased with this service – I do the bi-weekly service. It’s just the base cleaning that I need and we are able to keep up with the other cleaning on our own. THANK YOU!

Loren Masters

My sister surprised us with a deep cleaning service upon buying a new home. It was relieving to walk into a freshly clean home and not smell heavy toxic fragrances. The team was detailed and very professional. My neighbor saw their car out front and scheduled them to clean their own house after having trouble finding a reliable service, they have since thanked me many many times because they were so pleased, so cheers to Eco Mama for doing a great job and also helping me make a great impression in my new neighborhood.

Alex Smith



Is hiring a Phoenix maid service worth it?

There are numerous benefits that come with hiring expert home cleaning services for your house in Phoenix. You may do all of the following things when you hire a maid service:

  • Allow the experts to handle your housekeeping.
  • Have more free time to relax or pursue your interests.
  • Keep your home clean and guest-ready at all times.
  • Enhance the air quality of air in your living space.
  • Provide you and your family with a healthier living environment.

Most importantly, Phoenix house cleaning services enable people who have a busy schedule to always have a clean house despite not having enough time to do chores on their own. If you want to give highly trained house cleaning professionals a try, book online today with our dedicated experts, and tailor your service to fit your requirements.

What does basic house cleaning consist of?

A basic cleaning checklist is designed to keep your property tidy and sanitary on a regular basis. It involves a variety of tasks, including:

  • Wiping down and dusting surfaces
  • Vacuuming and mopping floors
  • Vacuuming carpets, rugs, and other floor coverings
  • Emptying trash cans
  • Dusting ceiling fans, baseboards, and blinds
  • Wiping down appliances and kitchen cabinets
  • Wiping down showers, bathtubs, and bathroom surfaces
  • Scrubbing and disinfecting toilets

We care about providing our customers with the best possible experience. To that end, we provide customizable add-ons to tailor your preferred home cleaning service in Phoenix and the nearby cities.

Why is green cleaning important?

Green cleaning is essential because it’s better for your health, the environment, and your wallet. Chemicals in traditional cleaning products can cause respiratory problems, skin irritations, and other health issues. Toxic chemicals can also pollute the air and water, and end up in landfills. 

It’s why our Phoenix house cleaning professionals strictly use locally-made and environmentally-conscious products from natural ingredients that are not harmful to your health or the environment.

What makes a cleaner eco-friendly?

Unlike traditional household chemicals, eco-friendly household products are made using natural ingredients and non-toxic processes. This ensures that they are not dangerous to people, animals, and the environment.

Furthermore, the factories that produce these supplies do so using manufacturing methods that do not pollute the surrounding area and keep waste to a minimum. All of this helps protect our planet and makes for an overall healthier world to live in.

What is the difference between house cleaning and housekeeping?

Short answer: there isn’t any. Nowadays, these two terms are pretty much used interchangeably as a synonym for professional home cleaning services

Long answer: historically, housekeepers were individuals who worked for (and frequently lived at the homes of) wealthy landowners and were in charge of the cleaning, cooking, and other staff that worked at their employer’s residence. These days, very few individuals are able to afford live-in help, and people use the term housekeeper to refer to all types of professional house cleaners.

When should I deep clean my house?

Due to how comprehensive it is, a deep clean only really needs to be done 2-3 times a year, typically at the beginning of spring or the end of summer. A specialized variant of it can also be performed as a move in/move out cleaning to make sure your new and old residences are in a good condition.

It’s also a good idea to schedule it as a way to leave your house sparkling and make sure it’s completely clean and ready for regular cleaning visits by your cleaning company of choice.

How do you clean a super dirty house?

One of the most popular professional cleaning services in Phoenix AZ, is deep cleaning, which is an extra-thorough service that aims to tackle heavy buildups, stubborn stains, hard-to-reach surfaces, and includes other heavy-duty tasks that aren’t normally included in a basic house or apartment cleaning

If you feel your residence could benefit from an extensive professional cleaning, give us a call and we’ll help you create a custom checklist that will perfectly match your needs.

How often should I be cleaning my house?

In most cases, a Phoenix house cleaning should be performed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. However, if your family includes active children, energetic pets, or if your residence is located near a construction site or a major thoroughfare, you may need to schedule more frequent professional cleaning services.

How often do you clean touch points?

Our house cleaners in Phoenix tackle touch points such as light switches, countertops, tabletops, door handles, and other frequently touched surfaces in our customers homes during every appointment. 

Of course, if you would like us to pay special attention to certain surfaces, just let us know in advance and we will be happy to accommodate your request.

How much does it cost to professionally clean your home?

The overall price of professional house cleaning service in Phoenix depends on the square footage and condition of your place of residence, as well as if it is a recurring service or a one-time deep cleaning

To find out more details, you can visit our user friendly website and get an instant and accurate quote. We’re proud of having some of the best prices in the area and always maximizing the value our home cleaning services bring. 

Do you tip a house cleaner?

This is not something you’re required to do. However, if you decide to reward our house cleaning professionals for doing an amazing job and successfully giving you the gift of a clean home, our maids will accept and appreciate it.

How long does residential maid service take?

The duration of a residential maid service in Phoenix depends on the level of skills your house cleaners have, as well as the cleanliness of your residence. As a rule of thumb, cleaning two bedroom customer homes shouldn’t take longer than 2-4 hours for experienced maids.

Certain factors can also affect the time it takes to leave your house sparkling. These include location (eg. homes that are close to construction sites or major thoroughfares tend to accumulate dust and dirt at a faster rate), presence of shedding pets and/or energetic children, the number of people living in the household, and so on.

Who are the leading eco-friendly house cleaning services in Phoenix & the vicinity?

Are you in need of an eco-friendly maid service? Look no further than our award-winning house cleaners at Eco Mama Green Cleaning. We only use environmentally-friendly products and methods to make your home spotless!

No matter if you’re located near South Mountain Park and Preserve or closer to Phoenix Art Museum, you can count on us for your tailored service of choice. If you’re looking for an appointment with a maid service in Phoenix that does an excellent job and is gentle on the environment, give us a call and enjoy a free estimate, simple flat rate pricing, easy online booking, and more!