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Eco Mama Green House Cleaning of Peoria is a top-rated company that’s headed and founded by people who are passionate about cleanliness and natural living. Our maids are licensed, insured, and trained professionals who specialize in providing our clients with weekly and bi-weekly house cleaning services in Peoria . All of our services are rendered using locally-made green products that leave no lingering chemical residues and are completely safe for people, pets, and the environment. Our commitment to delivering high-quality services has won us multiple rewards over the years. Book your cleaning today and see for yourself why we’re the best!

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Why book our eco-friendly cleaning services

Eco Mama Green House Cleaning of Peoria cares about your happiness and convenience. You can always count on us to:

bullet point  Send you highly experienced pros
bullet point  Vet, reference, and background-check our maids
bullet point  Interview each maid in-person before hiring them
bullet point  Provide you with a total happiness guarantee
bullet point  Send you only English-speaking cleaners
bullet point  Use locally-made natural household supplies

Benefit from our extensive house cleaning services

Hiring a reputable maid service is by far the most effective way to ensure your home in Peoria stays fresh and hygienic at all times. Professional housekeeping service brings numerous benefits:

bullet point  Destroys germs and parasites like nobody’s business
bullet point  Keeps your loved ones healthy and comfortable
bullet point  Your house looks and smells its best
bullet point  Improves your indoor air quality
bullet point  You’re always ready to receive important guests
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Satisfaction 100% Guarantee

100% satisfaction guarantee


Here at Eco Mama Green House Cleaning of Peoria, we’re not happy unless you’re happy! We want you to be so impressed with the quality of our house cleaning services in Peoria that you’ll be eager to contact us again and recommend us to your friends and neighbors. One of the ways we show this is by covering each service with a 100% happiness guarantee. Should our maids ever miss a spot, please let us know within 24-48 hours. We’ll gladly send someone to your home to re-do the problematic areas completely free of charge!

Why we have so many returning customers:

Client Review

“Totally thrilled with the service I got from Eco Mama. The ladies were quick but thorough; friendly but not so chatty that I felt like work wasn’t getting done. I am usually a little wierded out having strangers in my house, but it was very comfortable with these ladies. The owner was very responsive and went out of her way to accommodate my immediate need, and one of the ladies even came back on a Saturday to help me for a couple more hours. Also, their cleaning product, Lavender Mint Bliss spray…. Holy heck, this stuff is GREAT!!! It made my whole house smell like a spa, it cleans amazing, and it’s a green option AND made locally. I literally bought not one but two bottles to use myself between professional cleanings. This is a great company.”

– Angela Z., Alexandria

Five Stars

Client Review

“This is my favorite company ever. Eco Mama has been such a huge help to me and my family, I’ve recommended them to my friends and family, and looked like a rockstar for having such a great resource.”

– Michelle M., Scottsdale

Five Stars

Finest maid services in Peoria are at your fingertips

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cleaning services worth it?

On average, homeowners in Peoria spend 10-20 hours every month decluttering or otherwise tidying up their homes. That’s a lot of your free time and energy you could’ve spent doing the things you enjoy in the company of your loved ones.

In addition to helping you reclaim these priceless hours, Eco Mama Green House Cleaning of Peoria brings you a slew of other benefits that make booking our maid service one of the best decisions you can possibly make. These benefits include:

  • In-depth services that don’t miss anything and are customized to meet your needs.
  • All-natural products that don’t leave lingering odors or chemical residue.
  • Housekeeping pros who are friendly, extremely efficient, and always arrive on time.
  • Complete satisfaction guarantee for every service.
  • Cash-free payments using a secure online payment system.
  • Instant online quotes and intuitive booking system.
Are eco friendly cleaning products better?

Regular household products often contain harsh chemicals that can cause eye and skin irritation, allergic reactions, and a variety of other symptoms. The lingering odors and residues left by these chemicals can aggravate respiratory conditions and cause other health problems.

Even if the products themselves are non-toxic, they’re often made in large factories that produce tremendous amounts of waste and pump chemical smoke into the air during operation. Finally, these products often use non-biodegradable packaging that’s difficult to dispose of properly.

At Eco Mama Green House Cleaning of Scottsdale, our green cleaning service in Peoria uses all-natural products that are completely harmless to you, your belongings, and the ecosystem. We even have our own line of natural products that’s designed to ensure optimal performance while removing harmful toxins from your house.

What is included in a standard cleaning service?

A standard or basic house cleaning service includes the everyday housekeeping tasks we all do on a regular basis. Performing these tasks on a weekly or bi-weekly basis is one of the best things you can do to keep your Peoria home spotless and healthy at all times.
These tasks include:

  • General dusting
  • Wiping down all surfaces
  • Dry dusting blinds, baseboards, and ceiling fans
  • Emptying trash cans and wiping their exteriors
  • Spot cleaning cabinets and backsplashes
  • Wiping down the shower and/or bathtub
  • Polishing mirrors
  • Scrubbing out the inside of the microwave
  • Scrubbing and disinfecting toilets
  • Shining chrome fixtures
  • Wiping down glass doors
  • Mopping and vacuuming the floors
  • Vacuuming floor coverings (carpets, rugs)
  • Wiping down vanities, counters, and sinks
  • Dusting doors and woodwork
  • Wiping down the exteriors of large appliances (fridge, oven, etc.)

At Eco Mama Green House Cleaning of Scottsdale, we want our clients to get exactly the type of housekeeping service they want. That’s why we enable them to personalize their services by adding various service extras, such as:

  • Sweeping and cleaning patios
  • Wiping down patio furniture
  • Steam mopping floors
  • Degreasing the inside of the oven
  • Doing the laundry
  • Doing the dishes
  • Changing bed sheets and straightening beds
  • Straightening and disinfecting toy rooms
  • Washing window interiors
  • Wet wiping blinds
  • Wiping down cabinet exteriors
What questions should I ask a maid service?

Most people in Peoria are naturally reluctant to invite a stranger into their home. Luckily, you can easily find out if your housekeeping company of choice is legit by asking them a few important questions, such as:

Are your maids insured and bonded?

To ensure your safety and peace of mind, the maids should be both.

How do I know you’re trustworthy?

Reputable maid services hold their clients’ safety and peace of mind in the highest regard. That’s why they thoroughly screen, interview, and background and reference-check every employee before hiring them.

Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

Successful companies stand by their work. If you’re ever unhappy with how they cleaned your home in Peoria, you’ll be able to notify them and have them send a follow-up crew to redo the offending areas for free.

What is your payment system like?

Their pricing system should be transparent and free of any hidden costs or “additional” expenses. All payments should be done through a secure online system that safeguards your sensitive data, and only charged after the cleaning is complete.
At Eco Mama Green House Cleaning of Scottsdale, we can proudly say we have all of these advantages. It’s our ultimate goal to make you so satisfied with the service you received from us that you’ll never want to use any other company ever again!

Where can I book the most reliable green house cleaning services in Peoria & the area?

Are you looking to hire a reputable company that not only delivers dependable cleaning services, but also does so in a way that’s completely non-toxic to people, plants, and animals? Here at Eco Mama Green House Cleaning of Scottsdale, we can do all that and more!

As the reputable maid service in Peoria, we’re uniquely equipped to provide you with the complete range of residential cleaning services, including basic, deep, and move in/out cleaning. What’s more, we can totally serve you even if you don’t live in Peoria! Feel free to give us a call if you need:

Schedule our services today! Our experts will happily take care of your needs while you pick your kids up from the Peoria High School or enjoy a fun trip to the Rio Vista Pond with your loved ones.