Are you tired of using toxic chemicals for disinfecting your toilet and sink? You’re not alone, as many are switching to natural products. Any house cleaning service in Mesa will tell you that eco-friendly solutions are the best choice for your home. Not only are they healthier and without harmful toxins, but they also do a great job in removing stains, grime, and dirt.

Among these are baking soda, white vinegar, toothpaste, salt, and of course, lemons. You can combine these for various surfaces and you’ll always achieve the best results. Here we’ll explain how you can use the lemons and why they are so good for cleaning. Keep reading to learn more!

Is lemon good for cleaning?

Due to its acidic nature, lemon is perfect for removing stains in your bathroom. It smells fresh,  and just peeling it releases a lovely scent across your entire home. While some people worry that their nails will be ruined when they use commercial acidic cleaners, lemon is good for your nails, as it whitens and makes them stronger.

When it comes to cleaning, a couple of lemons can easily tackle the toilet, shower, and sink. You can squeeze the juice and combine it with baking soda for a powerful paste or use it as is to disinfect the surfaces. However, you should always wash it off with water, as it gets sticky. Also, the only material that doesn’t react well to lemon is stone.

How can I use lemons to clean?Is-lemon-good-for-cleaning

Here are the top 4 lemon solutions for various materials and surfaces:

1. Scrub the stainless steel with lemon and salt

If you dip half of the lemon in salt and scrub your kitchen sink, you can remove every greasy and sticky stain. The low pH level dissolves every organic matter on the metal without damaging it, and salt is there to help with the stubborn ones. This applies to pots and pans as well, so you can avoid using special products that are highly toxic.

2. Refresh your cutting boards

Another use for lemon slices is getting the smell out of the wooden cutting boards. Even when you clean them with dish soap and warm water, the cracks in the wood absorb the meat juice, so they get a funky smell pretty quickly. To refresh your boards, rub the lemon onto them for a minute and wash it off with water. It’s now disinfected and ready to use!

3. Effective stain remover

If you’ve noticed yellow sweat stains on your white shirts, there’s no need to panic or switch to a stronger detergent. Mix up a bit of salt with lemon juice and apply it to the stains. Leave the shirt in the sun for a few hours and reapply the mixture when it dries. This is the best stain remover and whitener for fabric, as it doesn’t damage the fiber.

4. Floor cleaner and disinfectant

When you have toddlers and pets, you want the floors to be as clean as possible. But what happens when you run out of your favorite EPA-approved floor cleaning solution? All you need is lemon juice, white vinegar, and water. Mix this into a bottle and spray over the floor, following with the mop. Your floors will be shiny, healthy, and the whole house will smell nice.

How-can-I-use-lemons-to-cleanWho provides the best house cleaning service in Mesa?

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